Ukrainian rapper Skofka dedicated a song to a friend who died in the war (video) – UNIAN

The musician presented a song called “Chuti Hymn”.

Ukrainian rapper Skofka dedicated his new song “Chuti hymn” to a childhood friend whose life was taken by the war. A young guy died defending Ukraine from invaders.

“As long as the anthem is heard in all cities of Ukraine, Ukraine will live! Our people have already shown themselves and are ready to do anything to defend their own. We will definitely stand and win, unfortunately at the cost of great sacrifices. I dedicated this track to my friend Konovodov “To Valentin Valentinovich, a friend from childhood who died defending our Ukraine. Eternal memory is your friend, we will always remember you. “The truth is behind us, it means that your shots are behind us, the truth is behind us, but we can’t shoot you,” wrote Skofka.

Note that this is not the first song of the rapper about Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Previously, he already presented the track “Let’s not forget and let’s not break”, which scored as many as six million views.

Recall that earlier in the network screwed up on the patriots of the Russian Federation, filming videos under the Ukrainian Stefania.

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