Ukrainian military begin training with German Mars II salvo fire system

The minister of defense of Nymechchiny Kristine Lambrecht spoke about it for an hour to speak in the Bundestag.

“Vono (navchannya, -ed.) starts from the onslaught,” said the vagrant, pointing to the food of one of the deputies.

Ukrainian military work with German colleagues, take the necessary commands from the German computer system for handling.

Takozh tsikavo Nimechchina presented a completely new tank

RSZV Mars II (Mіttlere Artillerie Raketen System) – a German rocket launcher system, which was adopted by the Bundeswehr in 1990.

This tracked launcher is actually a licensed copy of the American M270 MLRS with minor upgrades.

Artillery part of the system is composed of two disposable blocks, in the skin section there are six transport and launch containers (TPK) with reactive ammunition caliber 227 or 237 mm. The maximum range of target destruction on the road is 45,000 – 70,000 m, in the presence of ammunition.

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