Ukrainian judoists were encouraged to compete under the auspices of the IJF, all through the admission of Russians

Ukrainian judokas cannot be seen on tatami

While the Association of Various Sports is promoting Ukraine and supporting Russian and Belarusian athletes in international sports, the International Judo Federation has started to pull in the “eyepieces of the eyes” and not to swear by the Russian and Ukrainian world.

Up to those Ukrainian judoist Zantaraya to win the current titles, so that the Russians will be admitted to the tournament

The Judo Federation of the World gave permission to Russian and Belarusian athletes to compete in international competitions under a neutral ensign. Such a decision overwhelmed the Ukrainian federation, as if with a clear list it returned to the national federations of over 100 countries. The animal had a prohannya of support for the adoption of the Russian and Belarusian judoists in the field of international zmagan.

Before the beginning of the war, the warehouse of the Judo Federation of Ukraine had over 30,000 members. It’s a pity that for the next hour over 80% of them can’t continue their sports coaching activities. A lot of judoists were pinned down by training and zmushenі zі zbroєyu in the hands of defending the territorial integrity of our country,
– go to the leaf.

Judoist of fortune-telling lands mumbling about war

The Ukrainian side has added to the list of evidence of the genocide of Ukrainians, like Russia. Also, our federation added a list of judoists to serve in the Russian army.

For more than 120 days of military aggression of Russia on the territory of Ukraine, none of the so-called “neutral athletes” and coaches did not hang their position before the war with a minimum condemning post at social networks,
– added our federation at the animals.

The Ukrainian judo team participated in the competitions under the IJF aegis, as they did not want to disqualify the judoists from the fortune-telling countries. Our judoists turn on the tatami less at that moment, if the Russians and Belarusians officially stand up to the international strikes.

  • Let’s guess, 28 Russian judoists entered the Grand Slam tournament in Ulaanbaatar, among them 11 military servicemen of the Russian Defense Forces.
  • Earlier, Georgiy Zantaraya, the leader of the national judo team of Ukraine, announced that he should be allowed to compete in Ulaanbaatar, as a matter of fact, to allow Russian judoists to compete.

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