Ukrainian aviation twice hit the strongholds of the occupiers in the Kherson region

The strongholds of the Rashists were located in the areas of Belogorka and the Dry Pond.

Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the positions of Russians in the Kherson region / photo from UNIAN, Alexander Sinitsa

In the temporarily occupied Kherson region Ukrainian attack aircraft hit the strongholds of the Russian invaders twice.

About it reported in OK “Pivden”.

According to the representative of the command, Vladislav Nazarov, the Russian strongholds were located in the areas of Belogorka and Dry Pond. Now the volumes of the losses of the occupiers as a result of air strikes are being reconnoitered.

He also spoke about the situation in the Black Sea. 17 warships and boats of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation are maneuvering near the Crimean coast from Cape Tarkhankut to Novorossiysk, including 6 carriers of Caliber cruise missiles – a total of 44 – as well as 4 large landing ships.

In the Kherson region, an occupier train of more than 40 wagons was destroyed

On the night from Friday to Saturday, a high-precision HIMARS strike a railway echelon of more than 40 wagons was destroyedwho arrived from the Crimea with manpower, equipment and ammunition at the Brilevka railway station, Kherson region.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result, the manpower of the invaders “turned into coals, equipment into piles of scrap metal, and the ammunition took off into the air.”

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