Ukrainian aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched five strikes in the south: the military and artillery of Russia were destroyed – news from Ukraine, News of the regions

Ukrainian military aviation yesterday delivered five strikes on the Russian army in the southern direction. This is reported by the operational command of the South.

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According to the military, as a result of airstrikes, 44 Russian invaders, two 155-mm Giacint-B and Msta-B cannons, several armored and automotive vehicles were destroyed.

In general, it is dismissed that in the south the enemy did not conduct active hostilities and did not create new strike groups. The Russian army continues defense and counter-battery combat. At the same time, she uses rocket strikes for psychological pressure – hits hospitals, sports schools, stadiums and other social facilities. Ukrainian forces shoot down missiles.

The OK also reports that partisans continue to resist in the occupied territories.

In the Mykolaiv direction, the enemy has deployed artillery units to support their forces, but their plans are “quite obvious and receive an adequate response,” the military assures.

In the Black Sea, stormy weather forces the Russians to take refuge in their bases from time to time. Now there are four missile and three large landing ships at sea. Due to the storm, drift of mines is also possible.

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