Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down $91 million worth of Russian missiles in one evening

The occupying army used some of its most expensive missiles.

The Russians have been bombarding Ukraine every day since the beginning of the war / photo

On the evening of August 2 at APU said the military had shot down seven of eight Russian Kh-101 (Kh-555) cruise missiles. It cost the occupying forces $91 million.

Writes about it Forbes.

To calculate the cost of Russian missiles, Forbes used the following estimates:

  • X-101 – $13 million;
  • “Caliber” – $6.5 million;
  • Iskander – $3 million;
  • Onyx – $1.25 million;
  • X-22 – $1 million;
  • Tochka-U – $0.3 million

As you know, that evening, anti-aircraft missile troops destroyed six missiles, and another one was shot down by a fighter. The only remaining missile hit an anti-aircraft missile system in the Lviv region.

As UNIAN previously reported, the Russian Federation spends about $400 million a day on the war in Ukraine. The most expensive are rockets and shells, the cheapest are the salaries of the occupiers. In addition, during the day of the war, Russia loses an average of $60 million worth of aviation, and $40 million of tanks and armored vehicles.

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