Ukraine will receive from Germany the latest air defense systems that the Bundestag does not yet have, – ambassador

According to Andrei Melnik, modern air defense equipment will be purchased at the expense of the German government. In total, it is planned to purchase 10 air defense systems.

Ukraine managed to conclude a contract with the German company Diehl Defense for the supply of the latest air defense systems that have not yet entered service with Germany. About it informed Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andriy Melnyk in an interview with Ukrinform, published on Thursday, June 23.

According to the Ukrainian diplomat, he and his team managed “in close behind-the-scenes cooperation” with Diehl Defense to achieve a contract for the purchase of the first state-of-the-art air defense system, which “even the Bundeswehr” does not have in service. The cost of such equipment is estimated at 178 million euros. For the successful conclusion of the contract, Melnyk thanked German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, although he noted that Ukrainian diplomats had to “overcome insane political resistance.” By data Media, we are talking about the IRIS-T SLS air defense system.

The IRIS-T SLM has a range of 40 km and an altitude of up to 20 km. With the help of IRIS-T SLM, you can shoot down combat aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, rocket artillery, drones, anti-radar missiles.

In addition, according to the ambassador, the Ukrainian side hopes for Germany’s assistance in the purchase of 10 IRIS-T air defense systems, which can ensure safe airspace over Ukraine over the next years. Melnyk also said that Kyiv is waiting for a “green light” from German partners on the supply of 100 new Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled artillery mounts – Ukraine has already received a corresponding offer from manufacturers from Germany.

“I plan to pay special attention to establishing strategic cooperation for the development of the domestic Navy, because Germany produces some of the best frigates, corvettes, and submarines in the world,” Melnik added.

Recall that recently the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany said that deliveries of the latest air defense systems from Germany are expected in October of this year.

Earlier today, Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov said that American MLRS M142 HIMARS have already arrived in Ukraine.

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