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Ukraine will do everything to ensure that its interests are taken into account in the process of EU reforms. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba on the air of the national telethon.

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Kuleba said that the EU plans to reform the procedures and mechanisms for its functioning. And the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry “will make every effort to ensure that the interests of Ukraine as a future member of the EU are taken into account to the maximum.” In particular, as the head of the Foreign Ministry predicts, the Union will have to “find a balance” for the transition from decision-making by consensus to decision-making by the majority.

In addition, the reforms, he said, will affect “the functioning of the EU’s bureaucracy” because now “there are many complaints that it is too heavy and not flexible.”

The minister also mentioned that now every country now has the right to have its own commissioner in the European Commission: this leads to the fact that “functional segmentation is constantly happening there.”

“To the detriment of efficiency, but in order to take into account the interests of all. That is, if there are new members, it is necessary to change the principle of the formation of the European Commission,” the Foreign Minister explained.

Kuleba said that in a conversation with representatives of the European Union he said – “Ukraine will make all the reforms expected from it faster than you will do your own reform.” He explained this by the fact that in Ukraine “no one has the right to veto to ban this or that reform,” instead, there is “the political will of the president and the political will of the government just to introduce these changes.”

  • Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz declaredthat the European Union should facilitate the entry of new members.

  • Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi in May declaredthat the EU needs reforms, and decisions should be made by majority, not unanimously.

  • 23 June European Council Summit in Brussels has provided Ukraine and Moldova candidate status for EU membership. Georgia, which applied together with Ukraine, has not yet received such a status, but the EU has confirmed its European perspective.

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