Ukraine will change the system of conscription into the army – Zelensky (video)

According to the president, doing as before would be wrong from the point of view of protecting the country. And he added that the conscription model is now being considered as in Israel, where men do military service for 30 months, and women for 12.

Due to the full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine, the rules for conscription into the army will have to be changed. Now several models of the future security reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are being considered, and one of them is similar to that in Israel. About it declared President Volodymyr Zelensky during a conversation with Israeli students.

According to him, the war in the country forced hundreds of thousands of people not only to take up arms, but also to learn how to use them. The new conscription model will be reviewed and discussed with the public. Zelensky added that it is already clear that many Ukrainians will know how to fight and handle weapons. This is also due to the fact that a territorial defense has appeared in the country, where hundreds of thousands of citizens have joined.

“As before, in terms of protecting our state and army, as well as the number of military personnel, it will not be the same way, and the approach will be changed for students and the like,” the president said.

What is the conscription model in Israel

In Israel, there is a mandatory conscription for all Israeli citizens over the age of 18, this applies to both men and women who are Jews. According to Israel’s “Law on Military Service”, the term of service for men is 30 months, and for women – 12. Many soldiers who have completed their compulsory service must also be in the reserve in accordance with the needs of the army. Also, most prospective students are drafted into the Israeli army, and the average age of a first-year student in the country is about 23 years old.

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Recall that on June 22 it became known that in the Verkhovna Rada want to free Ukrainians from mobilizationwhose parents and other family members died or disappeared during the fighting.

Previously Focus understood that how is mobilization going in Ukraine because of the Russian invasion.

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