Ukraine not allowed to resume diplomatic process with Russia – Lavrov

Kyiv will show a desire to resume diplomatic negotiations with Russia when the Anglo-Saxons allow it, the Russian Foreign Minister said on June 23 Sergei Lavrov in an interview with the National State Television and Radio Company of Belarus.

According to him, if this moment comes, Moscow will proceed from the real situation “on the ground” and will definitely take into account the unwillingness of the liberated regions to return under the control of Kyiv.

“When they deign to turn to us with a proposal to resume the diplomatic process, which, as I understand it, the Europeans are urgently asking them, but the Anglo-Saxons do not allow this, we will look at the situation “on the ground”Lavrov said.

“There are liberated areas. The majority of the population does not even have the thought of returning again to the control of neo-Nazi authorities or authorities that in every possible way indulge neo-Nazism.– added the head of the Foreign Ministry …

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