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On 23 pm Vice Prime Minister of Moldova Andriy Spinu and Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov signed a memorandum on mutual understanding between the ministries and the development of overseas prosperity.

Up to those Moldova is getting ready for the “folding autumn”: the authorities want to provide the population with firewood

Reinvention of overseas transportation to allow Moldova to export and import goods through the port of Izmail. Vidpovidno change the congestion in the port of Reni. At one time, our country can export goods to Moldova and the country to the European Union.

Dodamo, what trains should you take at the distance between Berezino (Ukraine) and Bessarabka (Moldova). So Chisinau will stay 1.2 kilometers of roads, and Kiev – about 23 kilometers.

Kubrakov and Spina signed a memorandum on the development of overseas success
Kubrakov and Spina signed a memorandum on the development of overseas success / Photo by the Moldovan government

Remaining news from Moldova

  • On the 23rd of June, the countries of the European Union voted to give Moldova and Ukraine the status of candidates for EU membership. For the sake of Charles Michel, the head of the European Union called the decision a “historical moment” and welcomed the presidents Volodymyr Zelensky and Maya Sandu.
  • Moldova stopped broadcasting Russian new analytical programs, as well as Russian films. Tim company, to continue showing Russian propagandists, threatening to grant a license for 7 years and a fine. Respectfully, in Moldova it is possible to broadcast only original films and serials, as well as promotional shows, as if prepared on the territory of the aggressor power.
  • 19 worms from Moldova the largest LGBT march in the history of the country. The participants of the action were buried by hundreds of practitioners in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On the same day in Chisinau, there was a pro-Russian rally against the government.

Tsikavo In Ukraine, 645 railcars were arrested, which belong to the homeland of the ex-minister of defense of hours Yanukovych

Can you please – Kovalenko, having admitted why Moldova got to “Ramstein-3”: video

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