Ukraine – Central Europe: for the sake of the EU we will hold a rally to support the candidacy

Nearly hundreds of people with Ukrainian ensigns came to the action. They also brought a sprat of Georgian banners.

important I hope that today we get the status of a candidate of Ukraine and Moldova, – Michel

Participants of the action peacefully chant “Ukraine is Europe” (Ukraine is Europe). Dovkola budіvlі stand the cordon of the police.

At Ministry of Foreign Affairs vpevneni, that Europe promotes the integration of Ukraine. Less than for the rest of the month, shares in support of the candidacy were held by rich European powers.

Promotions of promotion of European exercises in Ukraine:

Ukraine can take the status of a candidate

Today, 23 chervnya, rozpochinaєtsya samіt Radi ЄС, on which one can praise the historical decision – Ukraine can give the status of a candidate for joining the European Union. Also on the forum look at the applications of Moldova and Georgia.

Ahead of the summit at the Brussels President Volodymyr Zelenskiy with the leaders of the countries of Europe. Vіn consulted with 11 heads of states and orders to secure the maximum support for Ukraine.

The head of the European Union for the sake of Charles Michel is trying to change Ukraine’s status. The head of the Eurocommission, Ursula von der Leyen, also hung out her support in front of the summit.

Way of Ukraine to EU

Zelensky signed an application for Ukraine’s accession to the EU at the fiercest, after the full-scale invasion of Russia. For a few months, the state filled up the offending parts of the pit, which is necessary for entry. Already 17 worms European Commission recommended give us a candidate for the European Union.

Thankfully, the state has already implemented 70% of the norms, yakі nebhіdnі ЄС. Prote є sche 7 vymog, yakі nebhіdno vikonati Kiev. The stench of the court reforms, the fight against corruption and the introduction of pennies, the implementation of the anti-oligarchic law, the improvement of audiovisual legislation with the European one, and also the implementation of the law on national minorities.

After taking into account the status of the candidate, Ukraine can vykonati tsi pomogi for full entry to the EC.

More details – 7 minds to join Ukraine to EU: video

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