Ukraine can already destroy the operational forces of the Russian Federation

The APU has enough HIMARS systems for this.

Ukraine continues to receive assistance from partners / photo General Staff

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Alexey Arestovich said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could defeat the iconic targets of the Russian Federation within a day or two.

He spoke about this in a conversation with a Russian human rights activist Mark Feigin.

According to him, now the number of HIMARS MLRS in Ukraine allows launching 168 missiles at the same time.

“This is about 100 targets sentenced to death. And I can say that the entire bank of iconic targets of the Russian Federation of the operational level is approximately 200 pieces from Kharkov to Kherson. 168 against 200 is a one-time defeat within a day or two of everything they dragged there,” – said Arestovich.

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He also noted that all supplies from the West to Ukraine “would be good to multiply by two.”

Recall that four more units arrived in Ukraine today multiple launch rocket systems HIMARS from the United States of America.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly announced the alleged destruction of HIMARS in various regions of Ukraine. They also stated that they had destroyed the loading machine for this system, however, it does not exist in nature.

The head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff stated that Russia did not destroy so far, not a single HIMARS MLRS installation in Ukraine.

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