Ukraine and Moldova resume railway communication

The movement of freight trains will start in the fall. This will allow Ukraine to export goods to Moldova and EU countries. There has been no communication on this route between the two countries for the past 25 years.

Ukraine and Moldova are resuming railway communication on the Berezino-Bessarabskaya section. About it informs press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development of the Republic of Moldova.

The movement of freight trains will start in the fall. Thus, Ukraine will be able to export goods to Moldova and EU countries. And the neighboring state to get the opportunity to export / import goods through the port of Izmail, located on the Danube, reducing congestion in the port of Reni.

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As the department clarifies, trains have not run on this route for the past 25 years. The department also said that the construction of the site is planned to be carried out at a distance of approximately 23 km. Of these, 1.2 km will be built on the territory of Moldova.

To resume communication, the Ukrainian and Moldovan sides signed a joint memorandum of understanding.

February 25, immediately after the Russian invasion, Ukrzaliznytsya informedthat Moldova temporarily suspended railway communication with Ukraine. In particular, trains stopped running on the Odessa-Chisinau-Odessa route.

Recall that currently Ukraine exports grain through Romania and Poland. So far, Kyiv has been able to organize two ways for the export of food products. In the near future, a third route should appear – through the Baltic countries.

Previously Focus told how partisan movement in Belarus organized a “rail war” on the territory of the country, interfering with the movement of Russian troops.

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