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The Ukrainians collected the amount that is enough for the purchase of two Bayraktar attack drones in a day. This was reported in Facebook Sergey Prytula – founder of the volunteer fund named after him.

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Yesterday morning, Prytula announced a fundraiser for the purchase of three Bayraktar UAVs. The first contribution in the amount of $2 million was made by his fund from previous donations, he asked the Ukrainians to collect another $13 million within a week.

And already this morning, Prytula said that at 09:00 on June 23, Ukrainians had donated UAH 296 million, or about $8.4 million.

“We add on what our foundation allocated for the project, and in total we get 366,000,000 hryvnias! And this means that out of the desired three, we have already collected two Bayraktars!” – the volunteer reported and urged the Ukrainians to put pressure on them to raise money for the third drone.

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