Turning back from “Azovstal”: Chervoniy Khrest explaining the need for Ukrainians

With deakim of them, the connection with the full was not like that. In order to understand the situation, the website of Channel 24 turned to the International Committee of the Red Cross for a comment.

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What was blowing

Tetyana Vasilchenko with the positive name “Borisivna” is a paramedic of the volunteer organization “Hospital”, as if she were visiting the Russian army at once. The journalists of the site Channel 24 complained about my sister Natalia. Vona said that Tetyana went out to the ring, chatting with the crowd, only once. Zhіnka phoned Katerina’s royal donations, even though she knew her mobile number to remember.

Named Vadim Kitara with the positive “Steiner” Katerina Turchanova in an interview with the site 24 channel revealed that we can prove that Ukrainian fighters are casted and subdued in inappropriate minds. So the visnovki won from the video published by the Russian media 15 chervnya, and from the Ukrainian defenders they will be supplemented.

The maiden respected that there was no expected communication and notification of information from a third party, zocrema, from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

It is the responsibility of this organization to send a photo and video fixation, as in the same camp our soldiers of the Azov regiment will be transferred. Every once in a while, none of the squads, relatives, mothers, sisters, without taking away the daily evidence about the rebuking of the third party, or the Red Cross,
– Won said.

Katerina Turchanova

Katerina Turchanova / Photo by Valentina Polishchuk, Channel 24

Behind the words of the girl, the representatives of the Red Cross were definitely boules, if the soldiers left Azovstal, but there are no recent confirmations about the presence of their representatives in the battle of Ukrainians.

I speak exclusively for my situation. Any grandmother, any me from 17 May, for a full month, there was no annual call. The share of other military servicemen is not at home, because the stench also does not come out on the phone. Same “Vedmedi”,
– voiced out.

What to say to the International Committee of the Red Cross

The editorial board of the Channel 24 website turned to the International Red Cross for a comment. The official said that MKChKh v_yskovopolonenyh z sіh storіn іzhnarodnogo zbroynogo konflіktu. I continue a two-way dialogue in order to gain access to all people, as if they were talking to the crowd.

We believe that protecting the confidentiality of this dialogue will help us to achieve more results, so we do not reveal the details of these works publicly. Sims, as if they are whispering about the place of a full-grown relative, can turn back to our Central Agency for a call for to the forces,
– go to the caregiver.

Let’s guess, on May 17, the MKChKh, upon request of the parties, opened the registration of combatants, as they occupied the Azovstal plant, including those who were injured. MKCHH not to transport military prisoners until the month of their arrival.

The registration process, which is carried out for the ICCH, includes independent completion of the forms from the assigned personal data: the full name, the name of the closest relative. This information allows the MKChKh to consider a share of the total osіb and reconsider the fact that they can sing zv’yazok with their sim’ami.

Actual Less lakaє statement to the whole world about the death penalty – an interview with the named fighter from “Azovstal”

Apparently, before the mandate, which the powers granted the MKChKh from the Geneva Conventions of 1949, the MKChKh is guilty of negligently denying access to all military authorities in all areas of the world. The MKCH can be allowed to intervene with the military without certificates, and the frequency and frequency of such occurrences cannot be ungrounded.

If the environment permits, the skin side of the conflict is to blame for the survival of all possible entrances for the search and collection of bodies of the dead. Under international humanitarian law, the ICCH maintains a confidential dialogue with the parties to the conflict about their goiter.

Evacuation of the defenders of Mariupol from “Azovstal: smut

  • Ukraine 16 May Rozpochala evacuation procedure Ukrainian military workers from the Azovstal plant. 53 important wounded people were evacuated to the liquor near Timchas’s reclamation of Novoazovsk. There, they should give them medical help. Sche 211 Ukrainian defenders far away to carry the humanitarian corridor to Olenivka.
  • Over the course of the year, ZMI got information that Azovstal hired 7 Ukrainian buses. However, the Ukrainian side has not yet spoken about the exact number of soldiers.
  • They gave Ukrainian fighters an exchange of guilt for Russian military captives. Minister of Nutrition for the Reintegration of Timely Payback Territories Irina Vereshchuk reaffirmed that the soldiers rotate without permission on the territory controlled by Ukraine.
  • At the General Staff of the ZSU, they announced that the Mariupol garrison was fully ordered, the shards for over 80 days of war were pulling on themselves the overwhelming forces of the enemy.
  • Riverman of the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine Oleksandr Vlasenko confirmed the information to Channel 24 about those whopіvrobіtniki of the International Committee of the Red Cross on 18 – 19 May saw part of the Ukrainian militaryyakі came from the plant “Azovstal”.

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