“Turn back alive” was told how much money to buy a tank for a ZSU

About tse 24 channel rozpovіv head vіyskogo vіddіl fund “Turn back alive” Andriy Rymaruk. For yoga words, prices for tanks can be different. All deposits are low important factors.

important Tsim shkodyat ZSU, – The painter reacted to the information about the occupation of the streets near Kherson

You can get a tank for a million dollars

As soon as having appointed Pan Rimaruk, the tank’s quality should be deposited in the fate of the release, the technical camp, modifications, upgrades, as a supplementary installation. Zagalom wine cost from 4 to 12 million dollars.

At “Turn back alive” zbirayutsya zobrayutsya on another ozbroennі. There they will say that the Evil Forces will find it necessary to gain victory in the field.

I’m more in need of a high-current device in the field. We will need to take away the honor in the field, – Andriy Rimaruk said.

Let’s guess, “Turn back alive” – ​​the first charitable foundation in Ukraine, which taking away the right to buy lethal equipment because of the cordon. Now the stench can bring not only optics, cars, outbuildings for communication. Ale and sobi “active defense”, yakі perebuvayut on ozbroєnnі in the powers of NATO.

“From the end of the month, the Registration Fund is the subject of international transfers of goods, recognition of goods of military recognition to the State Export Control of Ukraine,” Ruslana Velichko, a lawyer for the fund, said.

Fondi is talking about what center your respect on a lethal attack, as a matter of fact to strengthen the possibilities of the Evil Forces of Ukraine. Here you can also read about shock drones, ammunition, guntocrils and other surprises that will help the poverty of the Russian occupiers.

It is important that this status will help you to buy such goods directly from pickers. Vigoda is serious – so it will not be less cheap, but safer. Aje will not need to be sent to the middlemen, as they can “fuse” non-acceptable goods.

Volunteers call Ukrainians from the whole world for help implement projects for Ukrainian military. More victims – more zbroї and other important speeches, like approaching the victory of Ukraine.

Before those – the fund “Turn back alive” is officially able to buy from behind the cordon of military goods: watch the video

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