Turn Back Alive Foundation implemented the most expensive project in its history

The organization purchased 10 Ukrainian-made PD-2 unmanned systems with mobile ground stations. The radius of the UAV flight is more than 200 km.

The Turn Back Alive Charitable Foundation has implemented the most expensive project in its history – it has acquired 10 PD-2 unmanned systems worth $8.5 million. informed on your Facebook.

As it became known, for charitable funds donated to the foundation, it was possible to buy 20 PD-2 aircraft and 10 ground stations converted into mobile command and control posts.

“This is a state-level victory for each and every one of you!” – underline in the organization.

The PD-2 is a reconnaissance UAV developed in 2020 by the Ukrainian company UkrSpecSystems. The radius of the UAV flight is more than 200 km. They are able to fly more than 1,000 km on one tank and operate in the air for up to 12 hours.


The ground control station provides control of two aircraft at once.

The PD-2 does not need an airfield to take off: it can take off vertically. In addition, they can automatically track the movement of targets.

“If, say, a Russian tank moves in the frame, the UAV camera can automatically move behind it,” the fund said.

PD-2s will correct strategically important strikes carried out, for example, by Tochka U or the American HIMARS missile artillery system.

“These complexes will fall into the hands of experienced, professional pilots. PD-2 1 are operational-tactical drones. They cannot be used in inept hands and for any purpose,” the organization also noted.

June 22 also reportedthat “Turn Back Alive” became the first charitable foundation in Ukraine that received the official right to buy military goods abroad.

Recall Fund “Turn back alive” handed over 15 vehicles to units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Odessa and Kharkov regions to strengthen the air defense forces, as well as the units responsible for managing Bayraktar.

The charity has previously published footage of the work of Ukrainian military aviation for the RF Armed Forces, filmed with a drone.

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