Tse will be a long way, will be strong, – Macron about the status of a candidate in the EU for Ukraine

Tse, zokrema, welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron for an hour press conferences for the results of the summit of leaders of the EC, follow the 24th channel.

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Progress for Russia: about what Macron said

At the thought of the leader of France, the decision of the EU will become a signal for the extreme-aggressor and її ochіlnikov.

Candidate status is a strong signal for Russia,
– assigning wine.

Vіn vvazhaє, scho this year the correct political gesture was made on the side of a strong and united Europe, Utіm, Ukraine had a chance to report chimalih zusil, abi became a full member of the union.

Tse will be a long way, vіn will be powerful. Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia do everything in order to get through the processes of European integration,
– Appointing Macron.

Suddenly, the French president said that this country, like other European countries, is ready to help the reform process.

Ukraine took away the status of a candidate in the EU: reaction to the world

  • 23 chernya for the sake of the President of Europe Charles Michel confirmed on the status of candidates for accession to the EU of Ukraine and Moldova.
  • For historical news acting President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. For yoga words. at once, our country took away the victory, on the yak it checked 120 days and 30 years. Okrym tsgogo, Zelensky podyakuvav Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyan, yak called the participants of the summit to vote “for” the status of a candidate in the EU of Ukraine. Vaughn podkreslilathat Ukraine is the only power, de people were shot for those who stench wrapped themselves around the European ensign.
  • Head of European Radi Charles Michel grafting the people of Ukraine and Moldova with the status of a candidate for membership in the EU.
  • The decision was commented by the Deputy Prime Minister for the European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Olha Stefanishyna. For її words, Ukraine already pratsyuє over the distant crocodile and the reformation of the krai after the war.
  • Head of the Supreme Radi Ruslan Stefanchuk voicing that the Ukrainians have achieved an omrіyanogo result zavdjaki potuzhnіy pіdtrimtsі vіd narodіv ЄС.
  • Head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak having spoken to the leaders of the Ukrainian EC, the heads of the European Commission and the European Radiation.
  • Prime Minister of Portugal António Costa stating, that the European integration of Ukraine can lead to the collapse of the EU, and not this change. In addition, having allowed the politician that the path to the European Union can “become a shepherd” without intermediary for our state, as “inconsistent decisions” will be praised.

Before those – Zelenskyy gave the participants of the EU summit for the recognition of Ukraine the status of the candidate: marvel at the video

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