Try the tension for an hour at a time you can blame, – Bratchuk predicted about the calm in Transnistria

Zocrema, you can activate the work of sabotage and development groups. About tse 24 channel rozpov Sergiy Bratchuk, riverman to the headquarters of the Odeska OVA.

Varte respect Belarus can give territory to the cordon of Ukraine for the military base of Russia, – General Staff

“Fool with a rich thought.” Those who stink themselves are planning – they can’t go. There will be no other front. You must come in, that the defenses of the sovereign cordon, the positions of the Armed Forces, are being guarded, as if they were practicing their battlefield, not to allow those who are mriyut Russians,
– respect the speaker.

Bratchuk vociferously, scho camp on this day – mustache under control.

Like moods in Odessa

“The realities of the wartime are disturbing for people. However, our remembrance is at the crossroads – є. You can be emotionally collapsible with your friends, even if you wanted to be today. Ale, maybe, th not tomorrow, and navit not tomorrow …”, – denoting riverman.

Vіn pіdkresliv, scho to give forecasts for the next hour of the war – on the right is not too hard. “But we believe in those that everything that works for me is not without reason. Everything will be Ukraine. It’s better not to do so,” Bratchuk summed up.

Risk of attack from unknown Transnistria was assessed by the Ministry of Defense

Ukrainian defenders and defenders are ready to give a visit to the enemy, from which territory the wines have not come to us. Thus, the Zbroyni Forces of Ukraine are looking at all possible scenarios for the escalation of war with Russia. Go about the possible offensive of the invaders, both from the territory of Belarus, and from the territory of the unknown Transnistria.

The intercessor of the Minister of Defense, Hanna Malyar, in the beginning of the day, called for Russia to conquer the territory of Belarus for the purpose of launching aggression and launching missile strikes. In addition, there is the jubilation of the wounded, and also trim their reserves under the watch of the headmen.

“The country is famous for the territory of Belarus, and for the Transnistrian region of Moldova – it’s crazy to look at it,” Malyar suggested.

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