Trump says Ukraine should have abandoned NATO and “give” Crimea – UNIAN

He called the accumulation of equipment on the border before the invasion “excellent negotiating tactics” of the Russian dictator.

Trump believes that Putin was not going to start a war / photo REUTERS

Former White House President Donald Trump said that Ukraine had to make a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin to prevent a full-scale war.

He said this on The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show podcast.

Trump said that Ukraine could “give up” Crimea or agree not to join NATO.

“They could give up Crimea. They could do something with NATO: ‘OK, we’re not going to join NATO,’ and you would have a country. I think Putin wanted to make a deal,” the former president said USA.

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He does not believe that Putin “ever intended” to start a war with Ukraine, but now he “is more likely to get the whole country, since he already started.”

“He will take over the entire territory. And it’s very, very sad to see what happened to Ukraine,” he said.

In addition, Trump called Putin’s sending military and equipment to the borders of Ukraine before the invasion “great negotiating tactics.”

“And when you look at these completely burnt buildings, all these people are dead. You lost a lot of people. This is a deal that could be negotiated. And he moved 200,000 soldiers to the border to negotiate, and he could not make a deal – and now I I’m not sure you can make a deal that easily,” he said.

Earlier, journalists reported that Trump intends to announce on the start of the campaign for the presidency.

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