Trend July 2022. Flirty manicure with butterflies

Summer is the time to try easy and fun nail designs

During the summer months, nail designs get brighter and crazier. Neon colors are back again, bright nail art and even the trend of the 2000s, drawings on the nails.

And one of the most popular motifs is butterflies, as a symbol of summer and rebirth. Designers offer several options for this design at once. You can limit yourself to drawings on one or two fingers, you can paint all your nails, use stickers, or stamps, but the most daring can try not the most convenient, but perhaps the most spectacular nail art – 3D.

The only negative of this design is that the butterfly figurines will have to be protected so that they do not fall off at the most crucial moment.

But those who find this nail art too extravagant should try simple drawings.

A jacket looks especially impressive, or an inverted jacket with a “butterfly” design that imitates the color of the wings.

Or her-art on two fingers with wings. The advantage of this design is that you can choose the color of exactly the butterfly that you like: especially popular are the designs in the style of the morpho butterfly, which has bright blue wings with black edging, or the monarch with its terracotta orange coloring.

Butterfly drawings are popular on another trendy manicure this summer – the so-called glass nails. By the way, recently in Hollywood, the main source of fashion and trends in nail art, a procedure is popular when the selected design and drawings are applied to tips – false nails that are attached to their own nail plate.

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Butterfly manicure and “glass nails” are the main trends of this summer

Photo: Instagram michelleclassnails

They are worn in perfect condition for more than a week, and then simply removed without damage, along with all the decor, which is very convenient for those who like to change their manicure often and try new designs. They are also good for those who have long wanted to try something beyond their own preferences.

Recall that we wrote earlier about nail art trends for summer 2022. In can bright, “candy” colors, neon and “glass” nails, which are decorated with delicate painting. Also in vogue design from the popular series “Euphoria”. The teen drama has become an inspiration for makeup artists and nail artists around the world. Special attention of fashionistas was attracted by the design called “hourglass”. When creating it, the master of the series Natalie Minerva was inspired by the silhouettes of the models of the famous designer Thierry Mugler.

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