Tragedy in Italy. The Campania region and Naples itself have lost pizza supremacy

Now the championship has passed to the Lombardy region

Due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, more than seven thousand restaurants were closed in Campania and Naples, the recognized pizza capital of the world. The experts conducted a study and came to the conclusion that now the superiority in pizza has passed to the Lombardy region. About it writes La Repubblica.

This was confirmed by the head of the agri-food sector, Gabriele Rotini. In his opinion, the analysis showed that the number of enterprises that produce and sell pizza – these are pizzerias and takeaway pizza establishments – has decreased. The campaign lost 41.1% of its activity, thus decreasing from 17,436 businesses to just 10,263, losing 7,173 points of sale and thus moving down from the top rank of Italian regions.

Lombardy took the lead instead, leading the rankings today with 17,660 outlets with +24.6% growth and 3,489 new pizzerias.

For Naples, this was a tragedy. Traditionally, it is believed that this is where real Italian pizza is baked.

Pizzeria Sorbillo, naples, pizza, pizzeria

One of the famous pizzerias in Naples – the family restaurant Pizzeria Sorbillo


According to historians, when tomatoes began to appear in Europe by the 17th century, they hit the spot in Campania and became a popular ingredient for pizza, which was prepared here before, according to the simplest recipe that was known back in ancient Rome.

There are many old pizzerias in Naples, and each has its own special recipe. But the popularity of pizza, the food of the poor, came after the pizza was tasted by King Umberto the First. He immediately demanded to include it in the royal menu.

His wife, Queen Margherita of Savoy, even came up with her own pizza recipe with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil. According to another version, pizza “Margherita” in the colors of the Italian flag was invented by one of the Neopolitan pizzaiolo.

naples, pizza, pizzeria

Authentic neopolitan pizza


Another popular recipe is pizza “Marinara”, it is cooked without mozzarella, but with anchovies and capers. There are pizzerias serving only “Margarita” and “Marinara”.

The composition of Neapolitan pizza includes very simple products: local flour, yeast, ripe tomatoes, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, olives, seafood, olive oil and herbs.

The dough is thinly rolled or kneaded by hand, baked only in a wood-fired oven and served hot. Also traditionally considered neopolitan: Pizza “Napolitana” (Pizza Napolitana) with anchovies and basil; Pizza with mussels (Pizza con cozze) and Pizza “Regina” (Pizza Regina) with champignons and ham.

But now that pizza has become popular all over the world, there are many recipes and options for making it. There are even recipe for pizza in a pan if there is no oven at hand.

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