Toyota is getting electric crossover Compact Cruiser EV – March 15, 2022

Toyota has officially released a prototype of an all-electric electric vehicle called the Compact Cruiser EV. At the merezha, the first lights of the novelty were expanded.

The names of the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV are reminiscent of the classic “Kruzaki” frame, as well as the FJ Cruiser model, so you can get off the assembly line.

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The concept car has great road clearance, fixed wheel rims, practical plastic wrap around the perimeter and small suspension. There is a special trunk for snowboards on the back of the transfer, get off to the side, and the bottom is protected by steel sheets.

As far as technical parameters are concerned, the generator has not yet become the disclosure of information, but if the electric power plant is going into the series, it will definitely be based on the eTNGA platform, and a dual-engine fully-driven power plant will be the only possible option.

The premiere of the serial Toyota Compact Cruiser EV may take place in 2024.

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