Topic No. 1, – Tikhanovskaya called the meta of new teethers of Putin and Lukashenka

The people of Putin and Lukashenka most praise the power of victory in the war against Ukraine. Today’s stench pissed off again imovirno, to discuss the “plan diy”. About tse 24 channel said the head of the cabinet of representatives of Svitlana Tikhanovskaya Valery Kovalevsky.

Tsikavo Putin thinking to replace Lukashenka, – Piontkovsky about elections in Belarus

Topic No. 1 for Putin and Lukashenka – tse “Who work for the war, how to overcome it.” It is necessary to remember that Lukashenka is taking the uninterrupted fate of this war from the first day,
– having respected wine.

What does Putin want

According to Kovalevsky, it is important for Putin to make Lukashenka more active. At the first stage, we fought that the Belarusian suspenstvo acted categorically against the aggressive aggression of Ukraine. Natomist Belarusian propaganda machine can rob everything, abi “normalize” war – show that it is inevitable. More, from Ukraine to slander a real enemy, which threatens Belarus. At the same time, on the pіvdnі kraїni carry out training and get ready for an attack from the side of Ukraine. Truth, pure absurdity, even if in such minds Ukraine is not attackable.

“Belarusian step by step calls to the extent that war is possible. And it’s better to respond to the threat with the first ones, annizh checks, while Ukraine is attacking,” the speaker explained.

Putin can issue an order about the invasion of Ukraine

Kovalevsky perekonaniy, scho umovirnіst roses about the attack on Ukraine from Belarus – є. It is about the meeting of Ministers of Defense Shoigu and Khrenina, Lavrov’s visit to Minsk, the meeting of the party “United Russia”, and also Putin’s arrival at Grodno.

Putin to fly near Grodno, even if there are wines “svіy”. You can see that Belarus is in the gut, everything is under control, you can also feel “like at home.” More wines do not see the native power,
– podkresliv Kovalevsky.

Chi could the Belarusian army not vikonati order

It is important that Lukashenka has already issued an order to bring troops into Ukraine. Such an excuse may be true. “We know the truth, if Belarus has democratic changes, and we can get reliable documents to show what happened in those days. Undoubtedly, Lukashenka looked at the food.

“Before the war, the risks of such a setting of Belarusians significantly outweighed those pluses, as they could take Putin and Lukashenka away.

Vin adding that the Belarusian Viysko can show better displays, lower Russian, even more monolithic. At the same time, the Belarusian army showed that it was part of the Belarusian sleepiness, which did not need war. “They clearly declare: “We don’t want to fight against Ukrainians for Russian interests,” summarized the head of the cabinet of representatives of Svitlana Tikhanovskaya.

Before those – Lukashenka went to Putin to “work zustrich”: marvel at the video

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