“Toothy” skyscraper will be built on Letnikovskaya street on “Paveletskaya”

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“Toothy” skyscraper will be built on Letnikovskaya street on “Paveletskaya”

News from the industrial zones behind the Paveletsky railway station comes one after another: most recently became knownthat they will build an elongated “disappearing” house there. Now here is a “toothy” skyscraper.

We are talking about a 200-meter high-rise, which will appear on Letnikovskaya Street. According to the project proposed by Kleinewelt Architekten, a slender skyscraper should turn out, but with architectural details in the form of “sharp teeth” (repeated three times – in the upper, middle and lower parts of the building), which add variety to the rather simple architecture. And at the very top, the architects from Kleinewelt Architekten added another fully glazed rectangle, which, according to the project, should accommodate a public space for residents. It turns out such a “beacon”.

It is also interesting that the skyscraper stands on a figured stylobate in the form of half an infinity sign. It will house shops and other commercial premises, as well as a kindergarten. Inside there is a private enclosed courtyard with landscaping and, apparently, a playground for children.

The three largest parts of the skyscraper will be residential, and those very “teeth” will be penthouses and “high-comfort” apartments, that is, apartments of higher classes than in the main volume of the building.

Illustrations: Kleinewelt Architekten


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