Together with HIMARS: US to vote for 500 million dollars worth of military assistance to Ukraine, – CNN

About tse povіdomiv anonymous American official. At the same time at the White House, they announced that the Biden administration would continue to regularly help Ukraine in the security closet.

Up to those HIMARS is already in Ukraine, – Reznikov “ahead” of the occupiers about summer speculation

Additive systems HIMARS for Ukraine

As a representative of the U.S. government, an unnamed representative of the US government, a package to help turn on the multiple launch rocket system (RSZV) HIMARS and artillery ammunition.

Similar information is not to be found later. days American officials have already said about the possibility of using Ukrainian advanced rocket launcher systems HIMARS. Zokrema, as part of the offensive help, we can find 4 more installations.

About those who needed help stating also the intercessor of the US Secretary of Defense from political references Colin Col. Under the hour of the Conference on the nutrition of national security CNAS vin naming that at the same time we are afraid of only “cob” tranche.

USA to transfer HIMARS systems to Ukraine: in short

Do not unite HIMARS: the Germans Panzerhaubitze2000 appeared at the front

Popri declare Nimechchin Chancellor Olaf Scholz, that Berlin has a great list of clients on the bank, yak check on it for 2 – 3 years, wines are expected to bring deliveries to Ukraine. Vіn zapevniv, scho all the equipment, yak already promised to give Kiev, come at once.

The information was confirmed by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov. Until then, I’ve voiced my voice that in the Ukrainian artillery homeland German Panzerhaubitze2000 showed up with trained Ukrainian crews. In other words, this is the 6th type of artillery 155 caliber, which will strengthen our defense.

Before those, the United States wants to learn Ukrainian pilots on NATO aircraft: marvel at the video

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