“To follow you already”: the partisans deprived the messenger in front of the office of the collaborator Saldo

Timchas-paid Kherson has a partisan movement. For the remaining 2 days, the support was built by 2 cars with collaborators.

Up to those The court held the viability of the parties of two Kherson gauleiters – Saldo and Stremousova

The partisans wrote to tell the head gauleiter a mist about those who were nevdovz cherga and went to the new one. For this stench, leave the leaflets for the office of the Balance. The messengers were hung on the bus, the signs were fenced with Russian symbols.

Collaborators and health workers get ready, we won’t forget anyone, we’ll come to the skin! The bus was painted in front of the Saldo office! The partisan movement is gaining momentum! Together to victory
– voicing the head of the Kherson Regional Viysk Administration Sergiy Khlan.

On the leaflets, the partisans wrote “Don’t forget! Get it!” that “Collaborator! Get ready, for you already to go.”

Flyer for Balance
Flyer for Saldo / Photo by Sergiy Khlan

Partisans threaten Russian collaborator with reprisal
Partisans threaten the Russian collaborator with reprisals / Photo by Sergiy Khlan

Leaflets were blocked on the bus
Leaflets were taken away on the bus / Photo by Sergiy Khlan

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What was blowing

Zranku 24 worms the car of collaborator Dmytro Savluchenok was stolen from Kherson. Previously, the zradnik worked at the front desk of the Saldo and navit balotuvavsya in the yogo bloc at the Dniprovska district. The Russian occupiers confirmed that in the aftermath of the vibe Savluchenko died on the floor. For the tribute of ZMI, at the same time, a guard was organized for the “Kobzon concert”.

2 days before tim near Kherson region the people’s deputy’s office vibrated and that collaborator Oleksia Kovalova. Information about it was confirmed by the head of the investigation, Kirilo Budanov. In the future of a parliamentarian, it is impossible. Budanov zapevniv, that the Main Directorate of Exploration closely cooperated with the partisans from the paid-off territories.

Can you please – the partisans from Kherson having recorded the beast: video

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