Ticket sales for all events fell by 30-40%

It seems that the entertainment sector, which is just recovering after two years of a pandemic and the cancellation of concerts of many artists due to a special operation, may also suffer greatly due to mobilization.

How reported “Kommersant” services for the sale of tickets, immediately after the announcement of partial mobilization, sales dropped sharply. Already on September 21, tickets were sold 30–40% less than usual.

According to MTS Entertainment (MTS Live and Ticketland cash desks), on September 21, sales fell by 30% compared to the previous day. However, they hope that demand will partially recover: “According to our estimate, the monthly drop should not exceed 10%, if we compare the sales forecast until the end of the month, taking into account the fall on September 21, with the standard sales forecast for this year.” In addition, they compare the situation with February, when the president announced the start of a special operation, and sales fell by 50%: “In the spring, the recovery took more than three months, but comparing the level of decline and consumer patterns, we can assume that now the market will recover end of September – beginning of October, if there are no other shocks.

A somewhat less optimistic forecast is given by Sergey Babich, producer of the Colisium International Music Forum: “It [снижение на 30–40%] affected all types of events and tickets. We predict that within one to two weeks the fall will be 40-50%, but the market will recover by mid-October.”

The management of ticket offices also notes that, unlike in February, the news was not followed by a wave of ticket refunds. They attribute this to the fact that the news about the mobilization was more predictable.

Public Ombudsman in the field of organizing cultural events Olga Shpigalskikh believes that the situation is influenced by the psychological state of the audience: “Everyone is cautious when purchasing this or that ticket, the viewer still does not generally understand whether he will be able to go to entertainment events. This is not destructive to the market and does not paralyze it, but creates additional obstacles and conditions for stagnation.” Simply put, some people simply do not want to go to have fun, and some are not sure that they will not be drafted into the army before the event is over.

In addition, it must be taken into account that Moscow left another (very large) part of the inhabitants, and many remaining men will be cautious with social activity. And this is not to mention those who are being mobilized or have already been mobilized. It seems that soon the vast majority of visitors to theaters, museums and concerts will be women.

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