This is not the end, many will suffer. Putin wants to divide Germany, but we will survive – Khabek – Ukrainian news, World

Despite the unleashed by the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin energy war against the EU and Germany in particular, people in general are willing to endure certain hardships in order to defeat the Kremlin regime. About it in an interview Spiegel German Economics Minister Robert Habeck said.

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Germans are accepting the current high prices and inflation “with great unity” because “most of them understand very well what is at stake,” he said.

“This is a strong response to Putin’s plan to divide our society at the expense of high prices. Putin wants our country to be divided. But we will not fall apart,” the Vice Chancellor said.

The interviewer told him that Chancellor Willy Brandt did the same thing in 1973, when the OPEC countries drastically cut oil supplies. Khabek replied that “what we are experiencing now is more meaningful and deeper than then,” and “a gas shutdown today will hit our economy much harder than the oil shortage then.”

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He said that he understands that the crisis processes will affect many in Germany, some segments of the population – especially strongly: “And, frankly, this is not the end. Many people will suffer. But the majority realizes that we, as a society, must survive in this historical situation” .

The minister stressed that the big war in Ukraine is “an epoch-making encroachment on the peaceful order in Europe,” which led to “a completely changed world order.”

“We read how women see their children die next to them, how 19-year-olds who want to go to university and dream of the beach go to the front to defend their country. Living in freedom and security is no longer something taken for granted,” Habek said.

  • From June 13, Russia began to reduce the load on the Nord Stream pipeline, the main gas supply route to Europe and Germany in particular. From June 16, its loading is limited to 67 million cubic meters per day, which is 100 million less than in May.
  • June 16 Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the EU threatened Germany with a complete halt North Stream.
  • On June 23, Germany announced an “alarming level” of preparedness for an emergency situation in the gas market.
  • Khabek believes that the gas war unleashed by Russia proves the high effectiveness of sanctions against her.

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