This is a fact, – InformNapalm spoke about the fate of Belarusians in the war in Ukraine

Belarus in Ukraine

About tse 24 channel rozpovіv hromadsky fiyach and riverman InformNapalm Mykhailo Makaruk. I also added that Belarusian policemen and officers of the KDB were fixed in Chernigivshchyna.

Uvaga The head centers of strikes in the Belarusian army have already been appointed, – Makaruk resurrected the city of Ukraine

In other words, at the same time, there are no independent military forces that the KDB have in Belarus. It is worth noting that 80% of the officers-graduates of the CBD Bilours are graduates of the Academy of the FSB of Russia.

Krym tsgogo, most generals, colonels, lieutenant colonels passed the training at the greater military vishas.

We fixed the Belarusian police officers and CBD specialists, they ran around Chernigivshchyna. It’s already a fact
– voicing Makaruk.

About this already said Ukrainian high-posadovtsy. More, Investigators InformNapalm fixed the Belarusian uniform on the beaten cars 24 – 25 fierce.

“One more time. Stopping the fate of the Belarusian brigades, these are the ranks of the guards. However, in fact, the Russian curators, like kazatimut, like punishing,” adding the rozslіduvach.

Imovirnist attack from the side of Belarus

  • Belarus stood in the middle of the cordon with Ukraine up to 7 battalions. Near the cordon areas, carry out additional visits from the engineering possession of the checkpoints and sort out additional radio-electronic warfare.
  • However, tsikh vіysk and tekhnіki dosi not enough to organize an attack. With theses theses will be fine and in Institutes of follow-up war.
  • For їhnіmi tributes, the army of Belarus is not a fighting force. She has insufficient assets, low combat readiness and no real combat certificate, on the authority of the ZSU. Okrim tsgogo, Lukashenka’s army is needed in order to somehow undermine his regime.
  • Zbroyni Forces of Ukraine look at all possible scenarios escalation of war with Russia. Ready our soldiers before the attack of the invaders from the territory of Belarus and the unknown Transnistria. The intercessor of the Minister of Defense, Hanna Malyar, defended the statement.
  • In the Office of the President, it seems that the next hour of war Lukashenka is not advancing on Ukrainian territory.

More details about the fighting attempt of the “parquet” warrior of Belarus: marvel at the video

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