They called out to Russia before the strike on the US embassy in Kiev: fight through the delivery of the RSZV of Ukraine

Virishiv, scho verbally vyslovlyuvat such calls, the intercessor of the head of the Committee of the State Duma for Defense Yuriy Shvitkin. The Russian ZMI 23 worms were told about it.

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Yak Shvitkin, explaining the call to launch rockets at the embassy

Tsey posadovets care that America doesn’t want to untie the third world. Even more, you cannot explain the delivery of HIMARS missile systems to Ukraine.

And Russia, in my opinion, is less for peace and against the escalation of the conflict. To that, movlyav, it is necessary to send Russian rockets to the embassy of the States. This is how Shvitkin’s logic algorithm and other representatives of the Kremlin work. Only those who stench can be deceived by those who bring peace with rocket strikes are deprived of a riddle.

Why should Russians be afraid of HIMARS

As soon as it began to talk about the ZSU cited by American installations, the Kremlin’s propaganda began to super-read it every day. First of all, they said that the zbroya “is not in any way compared” with the Russian one. Then the horns began to show a map, they traced the places of Russia, to which HIMARS rockets from the territory of Ukraine could reach.

Qi systems є universal, oskіlki make two tipi robots:

  • shelled the zone with sizable projectiles at a distance of 70 kilometers;
  • rocket launch for a distance of up to 300 kilometers.

On the 16th of the chervnya, it became known that a group of Ukrainian military passed the course of Volodinnya systems. And on 23 chervnya Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov announced that the first HIMARS had already arrived in Ukraine. “Summer will be speculative for the Russian occupiers,” – respecting the minister.

Up to those American intelligence transmitting information to Ukraine for the control of strikes from RSZV

Occupants take butt from terrorists

It’s less of a devil’s temper, if the Russians stole someone else’s idea. Aje, the world already has one country, as it is engaged in similar activities.

On the 13th of March, a sprinkling of rockets flew from Iran, yaki taken to the US Consulate in Iraq. In this rank, the terroristic power did not just fight against the “light dictates of democracy.”

The Iranian soldiers hung their support for the invasion and terror of the Russian army, which they would inflict on the territory of Ukraine. One day after that missile strike in Iranian telegram channels Additions appeared from the Russian analogue of the swastika Z.

Russia can be equated to the borders of the Close Descent

Iran is known to the United States by the country, as a sponsor of terrorism. Internationally Received States getting ready to give the same “status” to Russia. If you want to break it, then the Russians can officially get diplomatic immunity.

For such a decision, the relatives of the victims of the garbniks may be able to claim compensation before the American courts. Syria, Iraq, Libya, Cuba, Pivnichna Korea, Pivdenny Yemen and Sudan are also recognized as sponsors of terrorism.

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