These tips will help you not to gain extra pounds on vacation

Overeating while on vacation does not necessarily lead to digestive problems, but can also result in weight gain. For example, before the summer you tried to lose weight for the swimming season, but what you lost on vacation and when you returned home you gained back. How to deal with it?

Perhaps, when you went on a trip, you were going to watch your diet, but these intentions collapsed at the very moment when you saw the first pastry shop at the airport. On vacation, they usually eat much more than usual, but the body quickly adapts to the increase in food volumes. The problem arises when you tell yourself that there is nothing left to lose, and when you return home, you continue to eat excessively. Then the weight will definitely increase.

Holidays in and of themselves should not be taken as an excuse to overeat. “It doesn’t matter where you spend your vacation: by the sea in an all-inclusive hotel or in a tent. The main thing is to keep eating regularly. The worst thing you can do is to eat non-stop all day, even if you eat some then small pieces,” warns Vera Bureshova, chief nutrition consultant at one of the weight loss centers.

Tomorrow will also be a day

With an all-inclusive system where food and drinks are unlimited, don’t try to eat as much as possible. You will feel bad, and the food will not bring pleasure. “Many tourists, especially beginners, feel like they have to try and drink everything at once, including alcohol, and they go too far, and more than once,” says Dr. Ladislav Krajci from Synlab’s front desk.

If you overeat, then it would be better to skip meals so that everything is digested, and then deliberately choose food so as not to repeat the mistake, the doctor continues. “Or don’t eat the things that cause you problems.” In the following days, as a rule, it already becomes clear that the assortment of the buffet is repeated, which means that you will try everything, including drinks, without overeating.”

Don’t overeat in the evening

If you do not want to gain weight, it is better not to overeat, and also follow a certain regimen on vacation. One of the measures is not to overeat in the evening. The last meal should be about three hours before bedtime, that is, if you are going to take a walk or go to the pool before going to bed. It should be understood that we get energy not only from food. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the drinking regime. So even if you don’t eat late at night, a cocktail or other summer drink might break the routine.

On vacation, do not forget about physical activity. It is everything, including walking. Go for a walk, pick mushrooms or berries. “A sedentary lifestyle is the scourge of our time, and it negatively affects not only the figure, but also health in general,” says Vera Bureshova. “Therefore, I advise my clients to regularly go for at least short walks. distance to walk. You will clear your head and come home in a better mood.”

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