These people don’t have a lot of galms, – the Belarusian oppositionist allowed Putin to attack Lithuania

Speaking about the Belarusian opposition politician Yury Hubarevich. I posted my thought to Channel 24.

Uvaga This is a fact, – InformNapalm spoke about the fate of Belarusians in the war in Ukraine

Zokrema, in other words, is the ability to mobilize the Belarusian military in a direct way, near the Grodno district.

So, like me Bachimo, the Russians feel absolutely calm on the territory of Belarus. Navit not uzgodzhuyuchi z viysk kerіvnitstvom Byelorussia its relocation and dislocation.

Therefore, food can be discussed. The threat is effectively removed. Vaughn to milk the temple. On the butt of the rest of the pods, there is no place for these people (Russians – channel 24),
– respect Gubarevich.

To that, as if having voiced the guilt, Poland and Lithuania should beware of such a threat.

“A blow to all Europe”: what other experts say

Publicist Andriy Piontkovsky vpevneniy, scho threaten Russia Lithuania no more, no more “ponti” of the St. Petersburg yard. Having said about the faults to Channel 24 and adding that the implementation of these threats is zero.

The head of the board of the Center for Transatlantic Dialogue, Yuliya Osmolovska, indicated that the Kremlin wants to raise its stakes, not supported by the real industry of Russia practice on several fronts at once. So you can talk less “about a bluff and I died out” of the aggressors.

Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are trying to join the EU. The country wants to go to Europe, not to the Russian Empire. through ce Putin can take a hit in European countries. Political scientist Mykola Davidyuk spoke about channel 24.

Why is Russia panicking

  • The Kremlin is overwhelmed by the fact that Lithuania has surrounded the transit of Russian goods in its territory. The distinguished representative of the Russian Ministry of Health, Maria Zakharova, said that Russia’s opinion on the Dії of Lithuania don’t be diplomatic.
  • And in Estonia, the Russian helicopter on a sprat of khvilin having turned over their windy space. This happened before the beginning of a large-scale war in Ukraine.
  • Through the Vіdmova of Lithuania, the transit of the Russians navіt vyrіshili pochati vіyskovі navchannya imitation of missile strikes near the Kaliningrad region, so that I would close the cordon with Lithuania.
  • And on 22 black Russia threatened Lithuania with connections to the electricity supply system. In Lithuania, the threats of the Russians do not zdivovani and not nalyakani. However, the president of the country, Gitanas Nausėda, having assigned 23 roubles, that Vilnius is ready to turn Lithuania on in the regional electricity grid.

Before the word – chi varto Lithuania beware of Russia: marvel at the video

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