There will be no other chance: what a revolutionary krok grants Ukraine the status of a candidate for an EU member

Submissive liknep

In connection with Europe’s neighbors, it is important to understand that all the regions of Europe compete for:

  • investment capital;
  • varieties and new varieties;
  • of people.

Actual Gifts to us will not do anything: if you start negotiations about Ukraine’s membership in the EU

For the time being, I see for the bows of food for war, fair judges, market capital, access to markets. Meals are about gifts.

Below – public information about rates in different countries of Europe (not only EU, members of which we will be no earlier than 10 years later, as it seems great guys and women from EU).

1. Tax on income of physical assets

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – 10%;
  • Kosovo – 10%;
  • Macedonia – 10%;
  • Montenegro – 9%;
  • Romania – 10%;
  • Serbia – 10%;
  • Ukraine – 18% + EUV for the Fund for payment of labor.

2. Corporate tribute

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – 10%;
  • Bulgaria – 10%;
  • Ugorshchina – 9%;
  • Kosovo – 10%;
  • Macedonia – 10%;
  • Montenegro – 9%;
  • Ukraine – 18%.

3. A tribute to the additional payment

  • Switzerland – 7%;

  • lower rates of tax on additional payment in different countries of Europe start at 3%.

Tsikave Ukraine was needed by the Russians not for the parade on Khreschatyk

Possibility, yak shvidko promaine

Tell me, be kind, how to remind the budget of Ukraine there are three major problems in fixing the fact that 86% of the Ukrainian business was pinned down or the work was speeded up?

How much will the cost of GDP spending be approximately 30%, and the Ukrainian business will not have a profit? How did 5 million Ukrainians fly away from Ukraine? And Ukrainian business is actively developing European industrial parks and free zones for relocation these days?

Nezalezhno v_d rates, nayblizhchі 3 – 5 rokіv napovnennya budget bezporeddno zalezhatimem vіd podpomogi Sunset. And so, why not carry out a tax reform yourself today, having created the most competitive mind for business in Europe? We don’t have another chance like this. How do you think?

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