there was a skirmish at a charity concert in Kazakhstan (video) — UNIAN

Visitors tried to carry Ukrainian flags, but the guards took them away.

The other day, Ukrainian artists performed at charity concert Voice of Peace in Kazakhstan, where they raised money to help children affected by the war.

This is reported OBOZREVATEL.

Many residents came to the concert, who from the first days support Ukraine in the war. They tried to bring blue-and-yellow flags with them to the concert, and also painted Ukrainian symbols on themselves.

But at the entrance to the hall it turned out that it was strictly forbidden to bring flags and other symbols with you. As a result, there was a skirmish between visitors and security.

At the same time, the stage on which Nadya Dorofeeva, Tina Karol, Dima Monatik performed was decorated with balloons in the color of the Ukrainian flag.

“The concert hasn’t started yet, but people’s flags are being taken away and the prints painted on their faces are being erased. There was a large crowd of people at the concert who support Ukraine. But they were not allowed to express their civil position on Voice of Peace. I think this is nonsense”, – wrote one of the eyewitnesses, whose words were conveyed by journalists The Village Kazakhstan.

However, this man still managed to carry the flag into the hall. He unrolled it during Dorofeeva’s speech, but the guards immediately took away the symbol of Ukraine from him.

We will remind, earlier the Russian rapper Scryptonite at a concert honored memory of the dead Ukrainians.

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