There is no need to underestimate a capable adversary, – Makaruk explaining the combativeness of Belarus

About tse 24 channel rozpovіv riverman of the international rozvіduvalnoї InformNapalm mihailo Makaruk. Vin blatantly, that you can’t underestimate a potential opponent.

important This is a fact, – InformNapalm spoke about the fate of Belarusians in the war in Ukraine

Chi to become the Belarusian army a threat to Ukraine

Behind the words of Makaruk, the Ukrainian military already noted more than once, as if the guards of the DRG from 4-6 people tried to break through the cordon from Belarus. It’s quite impressive that the stench already here ruined the caches of the armor.

I have no doubt that there are a lot of agents in them here. Not like that, like a Russian, but ale. So I have no doubts that if they crawl here, then they will take away such a “tax” that they will not forget until the end of their life, – Mykhailo Makaruk replies.

Catch all the declarations that the military army is unsustainable; We see that Belarusians are badly trained. The participants of the spilnyh military navchans often spoke about it. Zokrem, Azerbaijanis and Kazakhs.

In Belarus, there is no combat proof, but you can get a good shot in battles. The army there is not stronger, lower in Ukraine – there is also a rich radian army. Although they have already changed their reserves, even if they give a lot to Russian occupiers.

Lukashenka often boasts of his special operations forces. The stink there is really є, ale їх is not rich.

One brigade of special forces in Mar’їnі Gortsі, as I have a long history of radian hours. That two brigades of paratroopers – Vitebsk and Brest. Є kіlka motorized brigades, yakі were trained with the Russians. In principle, the Belarusian army has long been a part of the Russian army. Like in terms of equipment, so in terms of equipment, – voicing Makaruk.

Vіn adding, that in Belarus there is better equipment in an individual battle, lower in Russian occupiers. In 2014, the roci of ZSU navit were purchased through volunteers in the field. Ale potim out of zіpsuvalos.

Mykhailo Makaruk is blaming that before the possible invasion of the Belarusian army get ready seriously. І Zbroynі Forces of Ukraine obov’yazkovo znishchat the enemy, as if violating the advance. You don’t know what a pomsta is – for Irpin, Bucha, Kherson region, Mariupol, Sevrodonetsk, Rubizhne, Popasnu toshcho.

Before those, InformNapalm named the main strike centers in the army of Belarus: marvel at the video

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