The Yankees will not calm down, and Russia is inadequate to the challenges. Kurginyan about the upcoming

The Russian system in the conditions of a special operation does not shoot Russian soldiers in the back, as it did during the First Chechen War, but at the same time it does not become able to adequately respond to the challenges of the future, said the leader of the “Essence of Time” movement Sergey Kurginyan on the air of the author’s program “Destiny” on the YouTube channel of the movement.

“I see that the Yankees will not calm down, I see that everything will not be exhausted by the events in Ukraine, I don’t believe that the West will go crazy and begin to be friends with us again, that it lacks fertilizer or something else. I categorically do not believe in this … And I see what our system is doing. Our system, to which I have a purely ambiguous attitude, ”said Kurginyan.

He noted that it is impossible to wage war with the West except by relying on the existing system in Russia. At the same time, the room for maneuver within the system is very limited. Can’t be too…

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