The West wanted "decolonize" Russia. Russians answered

In response to the map of “decolonization of Russia” proposed by foreign “experts”, the Telegram channel “Ordinary Tsarism” proposed a map of the decolonization of Europe. “Europe is a prison of peoples. For thousands of years, European imperialists have suppressed independent identities, assimilated them, kept them in captivity. The time has come to say a resolute no to this,” the authors of the channel write.

Reader comments:

They announce decolonization and immediately write Albania to Serbia. Oh well.

The people of Baden will foam at the mouth when they learn that they live in the free city of Stuttgart.

The Kingdom of Serbia reminds me of something. I can’t figure out what exactly.

Genocide, war, ethnic cleansing, religious riots.

Yes, it took revenge.

On a true map, Ireland would look like a bunch of blots, like a Jackson Pollock painting.

I am Ukrainian and I can’t even imagine how Russians will get along with us in one country. They want to let us all know.

After 800 years of war, there are no indigenous peoples left in Europe. Even the Poles are mixed with Germans, Russians, Latvians, French, Swedes, Italians and even Scots. And the same goes for the rest of the continent.

The Emirate of Paris and the Gypsy Empire?! Yes, it’s just stupid trolling!

And I laughed out loud at the “Overseas possessions of Brazil” (Portugal).

Islamic State of Rome and Naples? Are you seriously?

Guys, they are just making fun of the maps of Russia’s decolonization, which are now being posted everywhere.

This is what trolling is.

A bunch of politicians and think tanks from Europe and North America proposed to “balkanize” Russia so that each region and autonomous region would gain independence. According to them, insurrectionary movements in Russia must be encouraged in every possible way in order to undermine it and create the prerequisites for a civil war.

Several such maps of Russia have already been published with new countries that will be obtained instead.

This is the “answer” from the Russians.

As well as the map of the new Europe from Medvedev, where Ukraine consists of one Kyiv region, and the rest are divided between Russia, Romania, Hungary and Poland.

They just troll back, that’s all.

And it amazes me how “experts” from think tanks are paid huge sums of money for stupid things like the Balkanization of Russia.

These same people since the Second World War blew 99% of their wars against tiny states, and now they imagine that they can split and conquer the whole of Russia.

So, who is Svyatoslav Igorevich and what did he forget in my yard?

Russian propaganda claims that Muslims are everywhere in Europe, and the so-called white Christians are dying out.

My favorite is North and South Flanders.

“Decolonization of Europe” implies even more lands of Russia and the Kingdom of Serbia. Lord, what a stupid Russian propaganda!

I see that the Russians want to quarrel with everyone in general.

Came here for the Byzantines and Ottomans. Disappointed.

Yes, this is the Russian answer to the liberals who are calling for the division of Russia. As for me, it is quite a suitable political satire, because most of these people do not care about the indigenous peoples of Central Asia and Siberia. For them, this is simply an excuse to dissolve a government that threatens their geopolitical interests. These same people call the Russians orcs and make such demands on them that the Americans would have been blown away.

And for that matter: in the conflict in Ukraine, I stand in a defeatist position. In a proxy war between the United States and Russia, no one will win, not the Ukrainians.

I’m not making excuses for Russia, I’m just saying that the only thing liberals care about is that its interests run counter to American interests. Compare their reaction to the conflict in Ukraine with the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the Saudi Arabian war in Yemen. If they were fundamentally opposed to imperialist wars, they would respond in the same way. But it is much more convenient for them to “dehumanize” the Russians than the Israelis and Saudis, and the governments also reacted much faster and tougher. This only goes to show that the liberals are only concerned with the geopolitical rivalry with Russia.

Yes, this is a joke, but here again everyone was led!

This is trolling and nonsense, but how cool. Plus!

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