The United States filed a bill on the terminology of the cob of Ukrainian pilots

Praise for the draft law to add a tribute to the military help of Ukraine

The intercessor of the head of the “Servant of the People” faction, Galina Yanchenko, revealed that congressmen filed a special bill after the visit of representatives of the Ukrainian government to the United States.

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Yanchenko voiced that Ukrainian pilots can go through training before the end of discussions about the supply of American aircraft to Ukraine. The deputy announced that the praise of the draft law of the Vdvіch should be given to the military aid of Ukraine.

Galina Yanchenko spoke about the pidkhid of the Americans before an important announcement. For її words, in the United States, after that, as they appoint, as I will need to give Ukraine, go to the initial programs for Ukrainian military. As the deputy said, navchannya can spend a decade of months.

The logic of today is based on the fact that there is no sense of stained glass and an hour for the education of Ukrainians, so the singing appearance of the image will not be knocked down. In practice, this logic can lead to the fact that the terms of delivery of such a necessary omission will drag on for a long time,
– Won said.

On the eve of the visit to the United States, as Yanchenko said, the Ukrainian side explained why it was impossible to explain.

The intercessor of the head of the “Servant of the People” faction said that on 24 blacks she took off a sheet of papers from Congressman Adam Kinziger about those that the Congress of the United States registered a draft law on the training of Ukrainian pilots.

Varte respect Ukrainian vinischuvach shot down a Russian Su-35 in the sky over the Kherson region

USA can transfer F-15 and F-16 aircraft to Ukraine

  • Ukrainian authorities, in the face of a large-scale invasion of Russia, ask their foreign partners to close the sky over Ukraine or send flyers. Speaker of the Command of the Potryanyh Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ignat near the birch declaring, but in Ukraine there is a need for a number of pilots, but there are not many pilots. Through this Russia can win in the sky.
  • That, being afraid of a direct conflict with Russia, the borders of NATO and the United States were encouraged to transfer aircraft to Ukraine. One of the arguments of the foreign partners is that the Ukrainian pilots are not adapted to modern American aircraft. Vtim, Ukraine did not take away the radian airs, yakі є on ozbroєnі near Slovakchina, Bulgaria and Moldova.
  • Congressman Adam Kinzinger 23 roubles. informing about the draft law on the introduction of Ukrainian pilots. Vin stating that he introduced a new bill, so that Ukrainian pilots could switch to the F-16. We do not rule out that the United States vreshti-resht will send letaki, about how to ask Ukraine.
  • Viysk expert Petro Chernik, stating that navit 2 modern F-22 wines could break the battle in the future. For yoga words, let F-16 chi navit F-15 also to become fully acceptable and necessary for Ukraine.
  • The riverman of the command of the Potryanyh forces of the ZSU Yuriy Ignat, having declared what to the Ukrainian pilots enough dekіlkoh tizhnіv, schob learn to fly on the F-15 and F-16. In other words, our pilots have already been flying on the next generation of aircraft, as they are similar to our MiG-29 and Su-27.
  • Vin explained that the American aircraft went through a serious modernization of the upgrade, radar and navigation systems. Therefore, Ukrainian pilots need to learn how to fight on American aircraft, which is a foldable process.

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