The threat of sharpening Lysychansk is even greater, – the head of the MVS

About tse 24 channel rozpov_v radnik of the head of the MVS Viktor Andrusiv. Vіn confirming that the enemy has effectively poked its way from the pіvdenny edge to Lysychansk.

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Behind yoga words, the enemy effectively threatens Lysichansk’s chalet.

Andrusiv zapevniv that the enemy is the same namagavsya otochit Gіrska i Zolota, but our wіyskovі z vyyshli. “Unfortunately, we had to spend money, because the situation there is difficult,” adding wine.

But all the same, there is no sharpening of Girsky and Golden. Lysichansk is not a waste at the same time. But such a threat is even greater. A sprinkling of settlements has been lost, as if the enemy were to bury them, then Lisichansk will be estranged,
– stating the head of the MVS.

Andrusіv rekonuє, scho in Sєvyrodonetsk ZSU not blocked, the stench may be possible to remove ammunition and products. “Water hour of Lisichansk’s abode is a viable scenario at once,” – vvazha vin.

This is the situation in Lysychansk: smut

  • The head of the Lugansk OVA Sergiy Gaidai having shown what the occupiers zahopili Loskutivka, Rai-Oleksandrivka and approached the suburbs of Lysychansk for a distance of 15 kilometers.
  • I once calmed down the people that the Ukrainian Ukrainians were embarrassed to see in the best positions, even though the Russians literally ran out of the settlements – there was no one to cry for.
  • In other words, the defense of Lysychansk is better organized, there are enough Ukrainian military men, like to know the enemy.
  • The Russians can’t buy Sevrodonetsk even as a sprat of tizhniv. At Lysichansk, as if they were going to go there, the situation in the occupiers will be more important.
  • Gaidai also confirmed that all the necessary military and humanitarian help is delivered to Lysychansk. There are three evacuations. Everything is under control.
  • Gaidai added that the main reserves of Russian zagarbnikov in the Luhansk region were thrown at the capture of Sevrodonetsk. Besides, Toshkivka and Zolotoy.
  • At one time, Russian zagarbniks came up with the idea of ​​​​forcing the river Siversky Donets. This decision was praised through the great opportunity to spend a special warehouse and technology.

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