The status of a candidate in the EU – what does it mean for Ukraine, what are the benefits

About those who give such a status, they can spare us something – read the material on Channel 24.

Up to those The European Council has adopted the text of the Visnovkiv about the status of a candidate for Ukraine

The status of the candidate is the first stage, which was passed by most of the countries. This is the point of no turning. Value status and new image. It is known that Ukraine is not a place, not a pillow between Sunset and Russia, not a buffer between Europe and Asia. Ukraine is a future equal partner for 27 EU countries,
– Volodymyr Zelensky said.

Before the speech, the president has put forward a simple example of what it means to be given the status of a candidate among the Ukrainians from the EU. Behind yoga words, tse yak etap zaruchin in stosunkah.

What are the advantages of the status of a candidate in the EU

Having such a status does not yet mean that our country was accepted into the EU, however, this process has already begun. Candidacy for the European Union gives Ukraine image, financial and humanitarian advances. Now, by investing in the military advancement of Ukraine through the Solidarity Trust Fund, the European Union is looking at the contribution of a good potential member of the European Union, and not a third country.

Prime Minister Denys Shmihal called the main advantages of such a status:

  • legally secured European future Ukraine;
  • completion of reforms for the support of the European Commission;
  • full participation in the programs and initiatives of the EU;
  • protection for business, and also for investors;
  • access to financial assistance: grants, investments or technical assistance;
  • Ukraine can not only take over the European dosvіd, but also add to the molding of Galuzev’s EU policies.

In addition, the status of a candidate in the EU can help strengthen the position of Ukraine in negotiations with Russia. Aje now the Kremlin has a clear and tight signal – the stopover from Kiev, and the European course of our state is already irreversible.

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The status of the candidate is the highest assessment of the market transformations, zavdyaki yakim were integrated into the economy of the EU in the energy, digital sphere, mitnits and other key blinds. The price of new prospects and opportunities for Ukraine. New investments, projects, jobs,
Denis Shmigal said.

Chi can spare Ukraine the status of a candidate

To become a full-fledged member of the EU, our state is guilty of vikonati low minds. If there is no progress, then the European Council may look over its decision.

Yaki wash maє vikonati Kiev

  • Reform the Constitutional Court, depending on the recommendation of the Venice Commission;
  • reform the judiciary;
  • strengthen the fight against corruption;
  • recognize the new chief of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the new director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau;
  • praise the law about the fight for money;
  • implement the anti-oligarchic law;
  • to order an independent regulator of ZMI and to comply with legislation on audiovisual media services in Europe;
  • complete the reform of the ethnic minorities.

Behind him, as a matter of fact, the Ukrainian government wins over the head of the European Commission.

If Ukraine can become a member of the EU

There are no specific terms for how to achieve reforms and join the EU. In other lands it was different. For example, Slovakia became a member of the EU after 5 years after the withdrawal of the candidacy, Finland – after 2 years, and Turkey after 23 years could not complete the reforms.

To those marvel at Zelensky’s admission to the status of a candidate in the EU: video

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