The status of a candidate for the EU in Ukraine does not have time to open up

But nothing that Turkey from 35 divisions of Acquis – (European law) implemented less than 1 division? 1 split for 35!

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Do not varto be jealous of Turechchina

And nothing, what is the situation with the “style of government” and the rights of the people, what is the most important value of the EU, in Turkey, it seems, is not good? Why are you jealous of Turechchini?!

Є butt of Estonia: in 1995, please, about the association in 1995, before membership in the EC, in 2004, the way was three times 9 years! We don’t have time to roam!

The speed of reforms to deposit in Ukraine / Photo by GettyImages

Tsikavo Savluchenok’s collaborator was liquidated in Kherson: who ruled the “parade of drive”

Lost dribnitsa

That nevikonanі 37% Found about the association (information on the ground) did not go anywhere. The rest of the rubbish is gone – to adapt Ukraine to the EU standards in the best possible way! І vіd us to deposit the speed of reforms. Our status as a candidate member of the EC for fighting the blood of Ukrainians!

In front – the majestic obsyag roboti, which may be our power. Sob we weren’t like Turechchina, but on the contrary – like Estonia and navit shvidshe!

Behind the topic – Zelensky’s Zvernensky about Ukraine’s candidacy for the European Union: marvel at the video

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