The situation is becoming tense, – Latushko, explaining the rest of the “upper marches” of Russia and Belarus

Having said that, Pavlo Latushko is a Belarusian oppositionist and ex-minister of culture of Belarus. His warning about the possible entry of Belarus into the ground operation on Ukraine through Channel 24.

Uvaga This is a fact, – InformNapalm spoke about the fate of Belarusians in the war in Ukraine

Zokrema, the oppositionist has voiced, that varto pay respect to those who are on the “outer circuit”. And to herself:

  • we know that Mishustin (the Russian head of the order) was near Minsk, but Lukashenka did not follow him. Vin hid at his booth in Oleksandriya;
  • then the Belarusian head of unscheduled flights to St. Petersburg before Volodymyr Putin;
  • a year near Minsk pribuv Lavrov – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia;
  • and yesterday, 23 chervnya, the Belarusian Minister of Defense Viktor Khrenin, having visited Moscow, visited his colleague Shoigu for a rewind.

Everything is folded into a singing ball. Tse means that the situation is becoming tense. Trivayut dosit serious removi,
– explaining to Latushko the rest of the “upper-states” of Russia and Belarus.

About what the “verhivka” of the country was dominating

Zokrema, as if vіn vvazhaє, talked about the farther parts of Russia for the improvement of Lukashenka’s regime.

“Now, we could have talked about the possibility of entering the ground operation. However, the independent Belarusian defense forces could hardly keep up with it.

Belarusian Elite began to move from Mozyr

As for the situation in Mozyr, then again, if the order was changed by the rocket troops of Russia, they attacked Ukraine, the Meshkantsi places did not react to the price. If you want to try to go to the stocks, you will still be bullied, in spite of the threat of spending time with you.

However, the Belarusian dictator Oleksandr Lukashenka, saying, saying that Ukraine is about to launch a missile attack on Mozyr, our response will be “hard”. Therefore, the head of the self-voicing does not include such a situation.

What else is happening in Belarus

For the sake of your respect – the first HIMARS have already arrived in Ukraine: marvel at the video

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