The situation in the Luhansk region: the occupiers cannot seize the last free area

The invaders used aircraft and tanks, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine forced them to retreat.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hold their positions in the Luhansk region / photo

Russian occupiers On July 31, positions of Ukrainian defenders in the Lugansk region were shelled 11 times. The invaders also made three attempts at tank pressure and three times used aircraft, but in all cases they were forced to retreat.

About this in Facebook said the head of the Luhansk region Sergei Gaidai.

According to him, the Russians have not been able to capture a small part of the Luhansk region for almost a month now.

“The invaders were sure of a quick victory, they changed the dates of victory, but already on August 1, and they have nothing to report on, since even a small part of the Luhansk region, which remains unoccupied, is not able to overcome. So far, the size and nature of the actions of the enemy grouping remain unchanged “, – said Gaidai.

The head of the UVA noted that the occupiers do not change their tactics. They replenish the infantry from among the mobilized, for example, from Alchevsk, where they distribute subpoenas in trading establishments and minibuses. Most of the recruits understand that they will not return, but they have no choice.

Gaidai added that two more reconnaissance groups of the enemy were neutralized during the day.

Recall that it was previously reported that lUganese guerrillas made it difficult for the invaders supply of ammunition.

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