The Russians surrounded a pharmacy near the occupied Gorlivka and cynically called the ZSU in the shelling

The occupiers broke the wall and they brought from the pharmacies what they wanted

The local gauleiter Ivan Prikhodko hurried to call Ukraine without a trace in the shelling of the village of Golmivsky. So the ranks of vikonuvach obov’yazkіv “the head of the administration” of Horlivka said that a Ukrainian shell had just fallen into one of the yards.

Before speech Militants of Donetsk region seem to be talking about 2,128 of their dead, in Russia they have to talk about waste, – intelligence

Zradnik having determined that the hit at the substation was fixed, through which the cables were broken. Okrim that, behind the words of the Gauleiter, the pharmacy was ruined. Vin cynically reclassified the “strike” to Zbroyni Forces of Ukraine, but did not explain the logic of the “hit” on the pharmacy.

Dzherela told the secret services to channel 24 that the Russian soldiers really robbed a pharmacy in Holmivsky. The occupiers broke the wall and they brought what they wanted.

Zagarbniki navіt polіnuvalis schos pіdіrvati, schob cover up. Behind the words of dzherel in the Ukrainian special services, this is the name of the militia occupation “the government said” mumbling about looting and traditionally talking about shelling from the side of the ZSU.

The Russians timchasovo paid for the settlement of Golmivsky / Screenshot of the map of the battles

Near Donetsk, they were shelled and burned more often

  • The Ukrainian military never fired at the population centers of the Donetsk region, and could only launch pinpoint strikes on the positions of the occupiers.
  • Near the chervny in the paid off Donetsk, growths of shelling began. Zokrema, 6 blacks Russian troops shelled Donetsk againdriving the fire straight out of Makiivka.
  • A similar incident, becoming 10 chervnia, if the power is strong hit on Donetsk for some reason, the neighborhood called to that Ukraine.
  • Meanwhile, civilians do not believe the occupiers and declare that the shells did not fly from the ZSU positions. About tsedechchani actively spoke at social organizations.
  • Zagarbniks are trying to restore the respect of the social population in the face of social problems in the middle of paid off Donetsk. So the stench is afraid of rebellion and wants to, so that the local population through fear was driven into riots.
  • 17 worms in paid off Donetsk became pozhezha on the military base of the Russians, through which the detonation of ammunition was detonated. On top of that, the Russians shelled Donetsk in the past, after which the projectile arrived at the booths of the medical collaborator.
  • Chergovі vibukhs in Donetsk lulled 20 worms. Todі on the territory of timchaly paid off Donetsk having burned the warehouse with ammunition from Russian zagarbniks.

Previously, the military base of the Russians was fired near Donetsk: marvel at the video

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