The Russians still want to hold a “referendum” on the creation of a “republic” in Zaporizhzhya and Kherson region

Russian zagarbniks are still getting ready to hold a fake “referendum” in Timchas’s Kherson and Zaporizhia regions. Prote meshkantsi strongly oppose the pseudo-referendum and do not want to work under the militants.

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Okupanty appointed 11 April as the date of holding the so-called “referendum” to establish the devil’s quasi-republics in the territories of Ukraine that were occupied. May 11, as they call yoga occupancy, “a single day of voting”, de okrіm dummy “referendum” it is planned to hold fake elections in Russia. In quiet spring, the occupation plans to introduce the Russian “Promsvyazbank” before the robot.

But the Ukrainians are planning to see the Russian zagarbniks permanently, as they have lost their lives in Timchas’s paid-off territories. The work of the occupational regime rises right at the start – in the paid-back administrations of the towns, villages and villages there are no practitioners, they would like to work on zagarbnikov. In order to solve this problem, the Russian militants began to massively send officials from Russia to the occupation of the Zaporizhia region, and they come for a month. Then new people will replace the administration.

Pseudo-referendum of Russians: occupiers want to create more quasi-republics

  • Russian zagarbniks do not choose to act in accordance with their own occupation and occupation of the Pivdenny part of Ukraine, as if at once they are under their time control. With whom, Putin does not consider options for entry from the Kherson region and Zaporizhzhia through an agreement.
  • For the tribute, the channel 24 was sent to the Ukrainian special services, the invaders continue to concentrate on the Kremlin dictator’s tricks, and they try to establish themselves in the Kherson region and push their way into Zaporizhzhya. If so, the Kremlin already had time for them, so that they could not get into another regional center for the hour of the campaign.
  • To think about ideas about the annexation of Pivdnya of Ukraine Putin does not choose. Accept until that moment, the docks of yogo military control over the territory.
  • Just as they are asserting themselves in the Ukrainian special services, the Russian zagarbniks continue to assert their positions both in Zaporozhye and in the Kherson region.
  • The FSB officers, Russian Guards and military servicemen control places, carry out a “cleansing” and try to recruit collaborators like the “militia”, and in the “military administration”.
  • In the meantime, judging by the rest of the news, to instill separatism and adherents of the “Russian world” do not really want to share the share of Gauleiter Energodar Andriy Shevchik, who is inspired by his “posads”.
  • Tim is no less, don’t bet on the marriage of collaborators, even if the stink is paid for those who at some point can bring a “measure” or a “governor” from the Donetsk region, Luhansk region or from Russia.
  • Having missed the previous dates, the occupant’s office issued an order to prepare a “referendum” for all the new territories of Russia. Earlier, the guards planned to come in at the linden, but through the Ukrainians they would wait until autumn.

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