The Russians protrude from the bіk Lisichansk from the side of Zolotoy and Toshkіvka and throw “Points-U”

Occupants may succeed in their positions

About the head of the Lugansk Regional Viysk Administration Sergiy Gaidai. Speaking about the situation near Lisichansk, he said that Russians can effectively achieve success in certain settlements.

Before speech ZSU happen to lead to the Sevrodonetsk, buti on broken positions there is no sense, – Gaidai

Gaidai blatantly, that it will be easy for the enemy to grab Lisichansk through the landscape of the place, as if stretching that height difference. Vodnochas ochіlnik Luhansk OVA stating that the enemy is much more embossed.

ZSU vitisnila DRG

Sergiy Gaidai, having mentioned that the Russian DRG penetrated the outskirts of Lysychansk, was later stricken by the Evil Forces of Ukraine. The Russians did not go far into the depths of Lysychansk.

Ochіlnik Luhansk OVA adding that the occupiers will draw a lot of equipment. Just from Starobilsk, directly from Lysychansk, six installations for launching Tochka-U missiles were driven. The very same deadly installation, for Russia hit Kramatorskafter which over 50 people perished.

One (“Point-U” – channel 24) is a ruinous force, and at the same time 6 is a disaster,
– podsumuvav Gaidai.

This is the situation near Lysychansk

  • Zranka 24 chervnya at the General Staff of the ZSU was told that the enemy was shelled near Lysychansk with tanks, mortars, barrels and rocket artillery. So the aggressor hit Lysychansk with aviation.

Up to those The Russians are pulling up the rest of the reserves, we can’t wait to see them, – Gaidai about the battles in the Luhansk region

  • Vodnochas in the evening of 23 chernya General Staff of the ZSU informing, that the Ukrainian forces sounded the advance of the enemy near the straight outskirts of Lysychansk. Vorog vіdіyshov z vratami.
  • The MVS stated that Lysychansk was not abducted by Russian troops, however, it was stated that there is a serious risk, what will happen.
  • Russian military vshchent roam Lysychansk, where peaceful people live. Zagarbniki 16 worms led two air strikes in Lysychansk she was robbed of life, people were devastated. As a result of the shelling, four people perished.

Before those – the enemy rushed from pivdnya to Lysychansk: marvel at the video

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