The Russians near Mykolaiv lost the money of the United States for almost 280 million dollars

Rockets along Mykolaev were fired from the underwater channel

Dzherela told the secret services to channel 24 that 9 Russian missiles arrived at the port infrastructure on 22 worms from Mykolaiv.

Varte respect The Russians messed up the ports on Pvdnі, they stole the fence, the cars were buoyed: they got away from the living quarters

Dzherelo told journalists on Channel 24 that the grain terminals caught fire after the shelling. It is believed that those terminals lit up, as if to the power of the Successful States of America.

Rockets, which flew over Mykolaev, were launched from the Russian underwater line.

The USA opened a grain terminal in Mykolaiv: what do you see

  • In early 2016, Voice of America announced that the American company Bunge was building a grain terminal in Mykolaiv.
  • It was reported that hundreds of millions of dollars were invested in the grain terminal project. At that time, it cost the largest foreign investment in Ukraine.
  • Zokrema, the head of the head for the sake of the directors of “Bunge limited” Patrik Lupo announced about 280 million dollars in investments in projects in Mykolaiv.
  • It was decided that the commissioning of the complex would allow to increase the commitment to the export of Ukrainian grain – by 1 million tons per river.

What is known about the shelling of Mykolayev

The enemy forces of Russia are systematically shelling Mykolaiv, with which they start to strike at the time of the payback of the territory of the Kherson region.

Zranku 22 chervnya was told that the Russians kotre attacked Mykolaiv with rockets. Vibuhi near the city began before the deafening of the alarm. The head of the Mykolaiv OVA, Vitaliy Kim, recalled that as many as 7 rockets had been hit on Mykolayev.

Qiu information confirming the head of the head of Mikolaev Oleksandr Senkovych. For yoga tribute, qi rockets were sent to the territory of two enterprises, decontaminated fire-oil materials.

After the shelling Vinyl is large scale on the field of vrozhaєm, de dry grass caught fire. For the tribute of OK “Pivden”, the fire was extinguished promptly in the distance.

The prophets shelled continued and 23 worms: zagarbniks fired 3 airborne missiles in Mykolaiv region and 2 – in Odessa. According to Mykolayev, rockets were launched from the occupied territory of the Kherson region. The stench learned the social infrastructure of the place from the virobnichu.

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