The Russians have hoarded the Hirsk bulk in the Lugansk region, – the head of the VA

On the outskirts, there are still insignificant local battles. However, the community is already under occupation. Andriy Babchenko, the head of the Viysk administration of the Girsk community, said about it.

Up to those Russians to impoverish roads and bridges to Lysychansk with helicopters

Catch those who beat the Zolotoy buv mіtsny ukrіprion, having broken through the buv at the straight line Gorikhov – Toshkivka. The occupiers came from two sides, one part went to the till, the very settlements of Mirna Dolina, Pdlisne, Loskutivka, another part collapsed in the direction of Girsky and Zolotoy,
– rozpoviv Babchenko.

This is the situation in the Girsk community

Up to 4,000 Meshkantsi have lost their communities in settlements. The situation is more complicated, even though there are no electricians in the booths, drive that gas. On the 21st, it became impossible to get to the Girsk community. Well, humanitarian assistance was not brought to the region, so there was no evacuation of the population. And then all the roads were either paid off, or under the constant Russian shelling.

Babchenko said that if a full-scale war broke out, a significant part of the bulk was on the front line. At once, the outskirts of the community were overwhelmed, they only had a sprig of houses.

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Remaining news about the battles in the Luhansk region

  • Zranka 24 black head of the Lugansk regional administration of the Viysk administration Sergiy Gaidai having shown that Ukrainian military took away the order to leave Sevrodonetsk. Everything that the Russians have already destroyed the positions of the ZSU, there is no sense to change them. Now our defenders can see a fortified position and already call to fight.
  • Russian soldiers took control of Mykolaivka. Suddenly, the Ukrainian soldiers were far away and attacked Lysychansk. Narazi try to conduct active battles for the peace of the Peaceful Valley.
  • Near Lysychanska occupants are poking out of Toshkivka and Zolote. Gaidai, having determined that it would be easy for the enemy to take Lisichansk across the landscape. Adje, the territory of the place is stretched and there is a difference in elevation.
  • The Russian army draws a large amount of deadly equipment to Lysychansk. Zokrema, only 3 Starobilsk saw 6 installations for launching missiles “Tochka-U”.

If you can please – at the Institute of Vyni Vyni, you should take into account that the pace of Russians will decrease in the nearest days: video

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